Guest at Your Table (GAYT) is UUSC’s annual intergenerational program to raise support for and awareness about our work to advance human rights.

This year’s program theme is Defying Hate, based on the recent release of the Ken Burns documentary about UUSC founders Martha and Waitstill Sharp, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War (on PBS). The Sharps defied hate by helping Jews and dissidents escape Nazi Germany using brave, creative methods, many of which could have caused them to be imprisoned, tortured, or worse. Learn more about the Sharps and UUSC’s beginnings.

UUSC is proud to carry forward the Sharps’ legacy by continuing to defy hate and protect the lives and rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and other marginalized groups, both here in the United States and throughout the world.gayt

We offer an array of program materials to help you engage with the theme while learning about our initiatives and grassroots partners that work with us to confront hate and bigotry and support human rights from the ground up—just like the Sharps did during their rescue missions.

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Materials to order include collection boxes, posters, “Stories of Hope” booklets, and donation envelopes. Please order materials at least 8 days in advance of your program launch date to allow time for processing and shipping.

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