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Commission on the Status of Women – CSW68

At CSW68, UUSC highlighted the urgent need to address the interconnected challenges of climate change, gender equality, and migration.

By Rachel Gore Freed & Alejandro Guerrero on March 13, 2024

The 68th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) is a global forum for promoting gender equality and empowering women. Governments, civil society organizations, and activists across the world unite to assess progress, identify challenges, and set global standards for advancing women’s rights in political, economic, and social fields.

At the heart of this year’s global dialogue, UUSC and our partners, members of Women in Migration Network, hosted an event focused on critical discussions pertaining to intersectional women’s rights issues. Our conversation, “Climate, Gender, Migration: Public Services, Decent Work & Rights-Based Pathways,” highlighted the disproportionate challenges women and girls face in the wake of climate change, emphasizing how these challenges are not just environmental but deeply entwined with issues of gender equality and migration. The event also spoke to the urgent need for robust public services and work opportunities as foundational elements to empower women and girls, enabling them to build resilience and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.

Hosted by WIMN and ACT Alliance; Black Alliance for Just Immigration/ BAJI; International Domestic Workers Federation; International Trade Union Confederation; Migrant-Rights.org; Public Services International (PSI); Solidarity Center; Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).

Following the discussion, working group members of Women in Migration Network (WIMN) and observers for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women released policy demands pertaining to gender, climate and migration. These demands are an advocacy tool for addressing topics such as: poverty, financing with a gender perspective, access to public services, social protection systems, and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality.

Our participation in CSW68 is driven by a commitment to feminist movements and the recognition that women possess immense knowledge, courage, and strategies for sustainable, human rights-centered change. Through solidarity, support, and learning, we ensure that the voices and efforts of our partners are amplified, contributing to the global pursuit of women’s empowerment. By examining the intricate links between climate action, gender equality, and the rights of migrants, we seek to create pathways forward that are grounded in justice and equity.

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