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Engage With UUSC at GA 2024!

By Heather Vickery on June 13, 2024

It’s that time of year again—the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly (GA) is almost here and we at UUSC hope you will accompany us during our virtual time together! You can join in through the cohorts and workshops we are offering and supporting in partnership with other UU justice organizations. Check out details below!

Organizing for Trans Liberation Cohort – UUSC, UUCSJ and UUA

Our Two Spirit, trans, and gender expansive beloveds are under attack and being criminalized in many U.S. states right now. The UUA and UUSC are partnering with trans-led organizers, mutual aid groups and other people of faith to resist fascism and support trans liberation. Join us to learn how you can too.

UU Climate Justice Cohort – UU Climate Justice Coalition (including UUSC and UUCSJ)!

The UU Climate Justice Coalition organizes UUs around climate justice at all levels. This Cohort will engage UUs around a strategic question: What will sustain UUs to engage in long-term actions and cultural shifts towards climate justice?

Supporting Asylum-Seekers as a Congregation On Demand Workshop – UUSC

Learn how congregations and community groups can provide solidarity and support to asylum-seekers through UUSC’s Community Accompaniment Program With Asylum-Seekers (CAPAS). We’ll discuss how this work puts our faith in action, learn about the support UUSC offers congregations, and hear the stories of asylum-seekers and congregants impacted by the program.

Building Home Together: Spiritual Mapping Beyond Borders On Demand Workshop – UU College of Social Justice

Join BorderLinks and the UU College of Social Justice in a workshop about the ongoing realities of our borders and mass migrations, as we also practice the internal spiritual mapping necessary to interrogate our own sense of home so that we can more fully welcome people into our communities and find a sense of home when we are displaced.

Follow the Money: How the Local is Global On Demand Workshop – UU College of Social Justice

In this experiential workshop from the UU College of Social Justice and BorderLinks, we build strategy skills by highlighting the Tucson-based coalition’s work to end the borderlands war economy. Within a historic era of increased militarization, displacement, and solidarity, how does “tracing the money” reveal new possibilities of resistance? And how can you bring those skills to your local and global social justice work?

Image credit: UUSC

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