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Fair-Trade Action Steps for Congregations

There are many ways to promote fair trade in your community and improve the lives of small farmers.

  • Place an announcement in your local newspaper about your church's commitment to fair trade. E-mail Equal Exchange for a sample press release.
  • Involve your church youth group by encouraging their participation in this project.
  • Offer coffees, teas, and cocoa at a community event or farmers’ market, or even a church or youth fundraiser. Congregations can purchase coffee, tea, and cocoa at wholesale prices to sell at community events or holiday bazaars in order to raise funds for UUSC programs, congregational projects, or youth programs, such as service and learning initiatives.
  • Talk to other places of worship and businesses in your town or region about the project. Urge them to buy fair trade coffee, tea, cocoa, and other tasty snacks.
  • Request a poster from Equal Exchange or UUSC to promote awareness of the project in your church.
  • Put pressure on local supermarkets to place fair trade coffee on their shelves. Contact Equal Exchange for educational pamphlets and other materials to share with local grocers and cafes.
  • Encourage other congregation members to purchase coffee, tea, cocoa, and other treats for their home and office use. Suggest that they share it with relatives.
  • Host an educational event at your church about the difference that fair trade makes in the lives of small farmers. Materials available from UUSC include a slide show about fair trade and its impact on small farmers and a video on fair-trade coffee production. A speaker can also be requested.
  • Pass a church board resolution to buy only fair trade coffee, tea, and cocoa for all church functions.

For assistance, contact UUSC at mobilization @ uusc.org or call 617-868-6600.