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Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network

Supporting the needs of Banaban communities on Rabi Island in Northern Fiji.
Rabi Island, Fiji

LOCATION: Rabi Island, Fiji

The Banaban community, currently inhabiting Rabi Island—located in northern Fiji—has historically faced severe oppression and displacement at the hands of major nations in Europe and Asia. The Banaban people have withstood this injustice for generations and are currently mobilizing in defense of their culture, livelihoods, and right to self-determination.

Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network addresses Rabi Island’s worsening environmental crisis, support frontline Banaban communities with their work to address the impacts of climate change through the lens of acquiring resources for the loss and damage their communities have experienced as a result of climate-related events, strengthen the capacity of the Rabi Island Community Hub (RICH), and help the organization become a registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) that will connect the communities with partners to deliver results and protect the people and the culture of the island.

BHRDN will also lead the Motawa Water Project to mitigate a current acute water crisis in a local communuity. Moreover, with BHRDN’s support, RICH will put together a strategy meeting with their leadership to formalize the organization’s structure, policies, legal status, assess impact, and plan for future projects.

UUSC’s support will contribute to the creation of healing spaces for Banabans living with generational and current grief and trauma.

Image Credit: Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network