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Batay Ouvriye

A movement organization led by factory workers committed to worker-led solutions in Haiti.

LOCATION: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Batay Ouvriye is a movement organization, led by factory workers, dedicated to confronting labor exploitation and human rights abuses in Haiti. Formed through the efforts of union activists since 1989, the organization has evolved to address the systemic issues faced by workers, particularly those who have migrated from rural areas to the capital.

Batay Ouvriye, also known as the Inter-Union May First/15th (ESPM-BO), has been instrumental in defending the rights and interests of workers against powerful multinational corporations, corrupt local authorities, and exploitative factory owners. They provide legal support, advocacy, and training to empower workers to seek justice and improve working conditions. 

UUSC supports Batay Ouvriye’s mission to unify and strengthen worker and peasant organizations, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to fight for their rights. This partnership includes campaigns for fair wages, labor law reforms, and access to social security. By addressing issues like land rights for rural workers and advocating for food sovereignty, Batay Ouvriye plays a crucial role in creating a just and equitable environment for all workers in Haiti.

Image credit: Shutterstock (MaciejForyszewski)