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Elom Initiatives 

Providing a community center and resources for refugees in Malaysia.
Elom Initiatives

LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Elom Initiatives is a refugee community-based organization that operates in Kuala Lumpur. “Elom” is the Rohingya word for “knowledge,” and the organization works to make sure the communities it serves get as much knowledge as possible. Founded in 2017, it is licensed to operate training centers, schools, and businesses to support social causes. The Elom Community Center was established in 2018 to serve as an education hub for the programs, all of which have an education component for their participants. 

UUSC’s support helps Elom with the costs of operating its community center. This allows the organization to continue its programming, which includes educational classes, meetings, social events, and aid distribution. A portion of the grant also supports the Elom Academy Program that provides quality education to refugee children.

Image Credit: Elom Initiatives