Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

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Guest at Your Table

Through this annual program, congregations are introduced to grassroots partners, raising support and awareness for pressing human rights issues.

Support from UUSC members allows us to partner with grassroots organizations around the globe, making a lasting difference in the lives of thousands.  Congregations participating in Guest at Your Table are introduced to four grassroots partners – the “guests” in Guest at Your Table. Connecting with these partners’ through their stories and experiences, participating congregations join UUSC in raising support and awareness to advance human rights, dismantle systems of oppression and uplift the inherent dignity of all people.

By coordinating a Guest at Your Table celebration for your congregation, you help participants of all ages nurture lasting connections to UU principles, build awareness about social justice and human rights, and strengthen UUSC’s work. Thank you for joining us in this special tradition!