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Kenny Jones

Support and Sanctuary: Emerson UU Church Houston TX

Project Goal

At the December 2017 annual congregational meeting, Emerson UU Church Houston, by congregational vote, will approve a proposal to join the Sanctuary 2014 Movement as a sanctuary congregation and on or before December 31, 2018. The congregation will be in a position to offer sanctuary to a qualifying asylum seeker facing deportation under the guidelines established by the UUA sanctioned Sanctuary 2014 initiative.


Despite the summer lull, attendance and participation have been encouraging, with an average of 20 participants in a seven week Immigration Justice Adult Religious Education program that is currently half completed. In addition, over these past months, a number of contacts have been established with organizations in the refugee services and resettlement community that are eager to form a relationship with Project Refugee. Efforts are underway to establish a team willing to formally sponsor a refugee family beginning in October, 2016.

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