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Join Us to Make Sure Every Home Has Safe, Affordable Water in the United States

May 13, 2016

Over the past year, a hidden crisis in the United States has become visible: we do not have equal access to safe and affordable water and sanitation. It’s a simple statement, but the consequences are serious and complex.  People who cannot afford their water bills are at risk of losing their home, their children, and their freedom. And more and more people are finding their water bills unaffordable. Between 2010 and 2015, water and wastewater bills have risen by an average of 41%. Even worse, certain populations and communities bear the burden of unequal access and the health and economic harms that follow. They include people of color, low income families, Native Americans, women, children, people living with disabilities, and the elderly.

UUSC is proud to be part of the ad hoc National Coalition on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (NCLAWater). In partnership with grassroots organizations representing some of the most severely affected communities – including UUSC’s partners, the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise – we are holding our federal government accountable for their failure to recognize water and sanitation as a basic human right.

Our campaign is twofold: we are calling for executive action from the President of the United States, and we demand the passage of a new law on water affordability.

Sign up now to pledge your support for executive action and the NCLAWater legislation. Add your voice to the growing movement for U.S. recognition of the human right to water. Sign up to stay informed on breaking news and upcoming opportunities for action.

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