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Make Torture Report Public

April 9, 2014

I sent the following e-mail to our supporters this morning to show that redaction makes it difficult to understand the content of the document. UUSC wants to encourage the Obama administration to release the new report on the CIA’s use of torture, redacting only what is deemed an issue of national security, thereby being transparent with the American public about these practices. 

___ news! Our nation has taken a ____ step toward torture accountability and ______ transparency.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted ____ to declassify critical portions of the committee’s report on CIA use of torture.

But before it can be released, the report will be reviewed by President Obama and redactions (like ____) could be made.

Contact President Obama today. Ask him to ensure that the review process is carried out quickly, that the only redactions made are those truly necessary for national security, and that the findings of the report are released to the American public.

Americans have a right to know ______.

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