UUSC Calls Biden’s Asylum Ban a Stunning Betrayal of U.S. Commitments

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Again, UUSC demands an urgent ceasefire as attacks continue on civilians in Rafah


The international community has persistently and unequivocally called for a ceasefire and for international justice and accountability for the relentless attack on civilians in Palestine. This includes condemning Israeli officials for any and all military incursions into Rafah that has devastated the already traumatized people of Gaza—hundreds of thousands of whom have been forced to flee their homes due to the conflict. The people of Gaza were asked to evacuate to Rafah to escape horrific violence in the north of the enclave. With borders closed on all sides and much of Gaza already flattened into rubble from Israeli airstrikes, Gazan civilians have nowhere to flee. This is especially evident as the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued arrest warrants for both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders. 

This latest attack further reinforces UUSC’s contention—and the contention of countless other civil society organizations—that genocide is happening in Palestine. 

There is no possible military necessity that can justify more atrocious attacks on a civilian population heading into its eighth month of unabated assault and terror.  

Israel must end its incursion into Rafah now. The United States must withhold any further military aid to Israel that will be used to inflict these atrocities. And the Israeli government and its international allies must abide by its human rights obligations under international law, including ceasing all military activities that endanger Palestinian civilians and immediately allowing sufficient humanitarian aid to reach the entire affected population.  


Guided by the belief that all people have inherent worth and dignity, UUSC advances human rights globally by partnering with affected communities who are confronting injustice, mobilizing to challenge oppressive systems, and inspiring and sustaining spiritually grounded activism for justice. We invite you to join us in this journey toward realizing a better future!