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Statement from UUSC CEO and President Rev. Mary Katherine Morn on COVID-19

In the midst of all we do not know, of all the routines upended, and of the fear that we face, we at UUSC affirm our connection, compassion, and commitment.

We are all connected

Today we are aware in new ways of the power of connections. Though we are forced to change how we connect in person in the face of a public health crisis, it is also important to remember that we can still connect in spirit. As Lynn Ungar powerfully expresses in her poem, Pandemic: ”And when your body has become still, reach out with your heart. Know that we are connected in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.” (Thank you, Lynn, for helping ground us in this confusing time.) We can rely on the networks of compassion that we as activists and people of faith have worked hard to build for decades — and we must continue to exercise them in times of turbulence.

Justice is built on compassion

UUSC’s work arises from this understanding. We know that justice grows when we recognize one another as kin. This deep knowing challenges us to respond with compassion wherever justice is absent, wherever human rights are denied. By reaching out with our hearts, we come together in mighty ways to surmount formidable threats.

Our commitment will not waver

We recognize that a crisis always magnifies inequity for families who are already navigating existing systems of oppression. Many families will experience diminished access to aid based solely on who they are, face increased xenophobic rhetoric, and bear undue economic burdens. Yet, as always, UUSC’s mission compels us to seek out those who are overlooked and support them, particularly in times of uncertainty.

We are incredibly grateful to our members who continue to bolster UUSC with your steadfast support enabling us to act quickly in times of difficulty. You play a vital role in weaving together strong communities, both locally and globally.

As events unfold, we will share what we are learning from our partners on the ground and surface ways we can work alongside them to address human rights abuses and other hardships families face as a result of COVID-19.

We hope you are taking care of yourselves. In this time of increased anxiety, help others near you to weather these times by paying close attention to the advice of trusted medical experts in your area and looking out for one another in ways large and small.

In solidarity,

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn

President and CEO

March 2020

In partnership with other community organizations, we offer this list of resources for advocates and allies who work in migrant accompaniment and immigration justice on managing this work during the coronavirus crisis.