Update 12/8/22: The Biden administration has now appealed Judge Sullivan's ruling, backtracking yet again on their promises to protect asylum rights. While the outcome of the litigation is not yet clear, the administration's decision increases the odds that Title 42 will remain in effect past its currently-scheduled end date.

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UUSC Condemns President Trump’s White Supremacy Calls in First Presidential Debate

UUSC joins with our partners and human rights allies to condemn white supremacy and threats of violence.
Statement from Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, President & CEO of UUSC, on the September 29, 2020 Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden:

UUSC strongly condemns President Trump’s vitriol in last night’s presidential debate as nothing less than inciting hateful, anti-democratic, and anti-constitutional acts of violence. The President’s words to “stand back and stand by,” directed at the Proud Boys and other white nationalists, typify everything that UUSC was created to change—violence, discrimination, hatred, and bigotry.

We also express concern for—and most importantly, solidarity with—people directly impacted not only by these threatening words, but also by the actions of white supremacists hearing them.

With our partners who are leading the way, in our advocacy for human rights, in our relationships with people of faith and people of conscience, in our work with human rights allies everywhere, UUSC will take every opportunity to condemn and fight white supremacy and affirm with all of our commitments and actions that Black Lives Matter.


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