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Guest at Your Table

UUSC's longest-established fundraising and educational program for congregations.

2020-2021 Theme: The Meaning of Home

For many of us, our relationship with home has intensified this year. The pandemic has given many of us new appreciation for, and concerns about, the places we call home and the centrality of these places in our lives.

This year during Guest at Your Table, we invite you to witness stories of our partners around the world as they tell you about home. Our partners in Central America are working to make sure no one is forced to flee their home due to violence or economic devastation. Our partners in Alaska, Louisiana, and the Pacific are fighting for their homes and ancestral lands against the ravages of extractive industries and climate change. And our partners in Burma, Bangladesh, and beyond are working tirelessly to support the rights of the Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma after facing government backed genocide in their homeland.

The ways in which our congregations and families come together may look different, but the beloved tradition of Guest at Your Table is here and needs your support.


Digital and Downloadable Materials for Virtual Worship Services:

Made for kids of all ages:

More appropriate for adults and older youth:

Materials for collecting and tracking donations:

  • Personalized webpages for Guest at Your Table programs
  • Tally sheet for donation tracking

Print Materials Available to Order:

  • 2-week long “Guest at Your Table Message of the Day” tear-off calendar pads*
  • Collection boxes
  • Donation envelopes

If you would like to place an order for calendars or boxes, if you would like a donation page for your congregation, or if we can be helpful with anything else related to Guest at Your Table, please contact Carly Cronon at ccronon @ uusc.org. Please allow 10 days from the time of your order for print materials to arrive.


*We recently ran out of calendar pads but are printing more. We expect to have new stock available to ship in early November and apologize for the inconvenience!



What is Guest at Your Table?

Guest at Your Table (GAYT) is UUSC’s annual intergenerational program to raise support for and awareness about key human rights issues. Since UUSC works in more than 20 countries, with over 60 grassroots partners, there are thousands of individuals involved in and who benefit from the work that our members make possible. The program is an opportunity to celebrate grassroots partnership, support human rights, and learn about just four of these individuals – the “guests” in Guest at Your Table.

Planning a Guest at Your Table Program

By coordinating a Guest at Your Table celebration for your congregation, you help participants of all ages nurture lasting connections to UU principles, build awareness about social justice and human rights, and strengthen UUSC’s work. Thank you for joining us in this special tradition!

To register as your congregation’s Guest at Your Table coordinator, or to request materials or information, please contact Carly Cronon, senior associate for congregational support, at ccronon @ uusc.org.

A step-by-step guide for planning your congregation’s Guest at Your Table Program is available here.

Past Programs

2019-2020 Theme: Women Leaders, Strong Communities

This past year, UUSC highlighted women leaders and the ways in which UUSC’s work has been shaped and sustained by women’s leadership since our founding. We provided the following materials below.

Downloadable resources:

Print materials:

  • Stories of Hope: booklet of four stories highlighting women leaders in human rights
  • Donation envelopes
  • Donation collection boxes
  • 11×17” Posters