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Rights at Risk in the Dominican Republic

July 11, 2016

Since 2013, over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent have already been stripped of their citizenship because they have been unable to prove their ancestors’ legal entry to the Dominican Republic (D.R.), going all the way back to 1929.

This is a continuation of the human rights crisis that began with the 2013 Dominican Republic Constitutional Court decision that left thousands stateless. UUSC is urging our supporters to take action on this issue by signing a letter to Secretary Kerry urging him to withhold military aid to the D.R. beginning Monday, July 14. Below we’ve provided a few posts to help get you started sharing the action on social media. Thank you for adding your voice on this issue!

Here’s how you can spread the word:

Watch and Share this Video
Statelessness in the DR
Sign and share the action on social media and with your personal networks
make shift camps at borderinfographic
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Tell @JohnKerry @StateDept: Suspend funding to the #DR until it stops deporting people of Haitian descent.
Tell @JohnKerry to STOP MILITARY AID to the #DR until it stops unjust deportations of people of Haitian descent!
Tell @JohnKerry @StateDep it’s time for the deportations of Haitians in the #DR to stop! #Rights4ALLinDR
Haiti/DR infographic
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