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Speak Out about Torture Report

December 8, 2014

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has been bravely calling for the public release of the committee’s 480-page executive summary of the report on the CIA’s use of torture. She is under tremendous pressure to keep this report from the public or delay its release. But she has stood firm and defended our right to know the truth.

Today and tomorrow will be critical in the struggle to get this report released. Send a message to Senator Feinstein right away. Let her know that you support her brave leadership, and urge her not to stop until this report sees the light of day.

Torture is morally wrong. The first step to ending future U.S.-sponsored torture is to learn the truth.


On Tuesday, December 9, Senator Feinstein announced the release of the CIA torture report. The report detailed not only the illegal practices described as enhanced interrogation, but also the ineffectiveness of the barbaric methods. In response to the report, UUSC president and CEO Rev. Dr. Bill Schulz released the following statement:

If torture could be proven to save lives, you could at least make a rational argument for this barbaric practice. Among other reasons the report is so valuable, however, is that it puts the lie to this last claim by torturers’ advocates. CIA torture not only didn’t save lives, it likely put more lives, including American lives, at risk. We jeopardized our good name and decreased our security — all at the same time!

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