UUSC has a rich history of offering hands-on experiences in human rights work. Over the years, thousands of people have joined UUSC on short-term volunteer trips to put their values into action and lend their hands to vital work that advances human rights. Today, UUSC collaborates with the Unitarian Universalist Association to continue this history of service learning through the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice (UUCSJ).

With a broad range of programs for current leaders and future activists of any age, UUCSJ increases the capacity of Unitarian Universalists to catalyze justice. In addition to service-learning experiences, UUCSJ also offers other justice-oriented educational opportunities, including youth justice trainings and young adult internships. UUCSJ programs are grounded in Unitarian Universalist history and theology, contemplative practice, social change theory, and multicultural competency.

UUCSJ's service-learning journeys take place throughout the world:

  • Haiti
  • United States
  • Nicaragua
  • U.S.-Mexico border

Visit uucsj.org to learn more, register for programs, and support this exciting initiative!