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UUSC Applauds Joint Resolution Rejecting Trump’s Fake Emergency

Thank you to Congress and thousands of UUSC supporters for pushing back against Trump's power grab.

By UUSC Staff on March 15, 2019

Yesterday, the Senate voted to pass a resolution to rescind President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border to fund his immoral border wall. Through this vote, the Senate joins the House in presenting the president with a critical, bipartisan rebuke of his power grab. Though Trump has already announced his plan to issue a veto, he cannot change the fact that both houses of Congress have now spoken clearly on the illegitimacy of his actions. We applaud Congress for taking this extraordinary step.

We are united with our grassroots partners and the hundreds of thousands of individuals from across the United States who spoke out in recent weeks against the emergency declaration. This includes nearly 7,000 UUSC supporters who took action urging their members of Congress to pass this resolution. Collectively, these actions helped sway our legislators to oppose President Trump’s undemocratic and illegal use of executive authority and check his harmful anti-immigrant agenda. We are grateful that our legislators in this case are listening and representing our values.

The only crisis that exists along the U.S.-Mexico border is one of the Trump administration’s own making—it is his anti-immigrant agenda which perpetrates incredible harm and drives our families, communities, and nation further apart. The president’s budget, released in part on March 11, is further proof that this administration aims to continue its hurtful attacks on our immigrant community members. As the White House seeks to build walls that divide us, UUSC remains in solidarity with affected communities and will continue to offer compassion and resistance.

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