UUSC Expresses Solidarity with CEECCNA Partners Facing Authoritarian Crackdown

Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Membership & Benefits

Advancing human rights is the work of many hands joining. Show your commitment to the inherent worth and dignity by joining a community of over 40,000 UUSC supporters.

With the support and commitment of our members, UUSC is able to continue making strides for human rights, taking on policies and systems threatening our world’s most vulnerable citizens.

We need you in this moment. Become a member or renew your membership today with a gift of $40 or more and help us maintain a steady, swift response to social injustice in the U.S. and around the globe.

Membership Benefits and Details

With the support of UUSC members, our voices grow louder and our work more vigorous to uphold justice and human rights at risk around the world.

As a UUSC member, you join a community of more than 40,000 supporters putting their values into action to change lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. You also will receive updates on current human rights issues and your generosity at work through regular mailings, action alerts, and a subscription to our newsletter, Rights Now. Become a member today.

Questions and answers about UUSC membership

We have put together some of the most commonly asked questions about our membership program. If you have questions not covered here, we’re here to help answer them. Please call us at 617-868-6600 (option 1) or send an e-mail to development @ uusc.org.

Why is UUSC a membership organization?
UUSC’s status as a membership organization provides us the autonomy to advocate for justice-oriented public policies across the political spectrum — our support from member contributions makes up approximately 60 percent of our annual budget. By neither seeking nor accepting government funds, UUSC maintains a high level of independence. In addition to supporting UUSC financially, our members and supporters are critical direct participants in UUSC’s efforts to challenge oppressive policies.

How long do memberships last?
Memberships run for 12 months from the month the gift was received.

Why should I join UUSC? Don’t contributions to my church support UUSC?
UUSC is an independent, nonsectarian nonprofit agency. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is a religious organization for Unitarian Universalist congregations. UUSC is an affiliate of the UUA, but we do not receive funding from it. More than 90 percent of UUSC members are also members of UU congregations. Some congregations make contributions to UUSC, but being a member of a congregation and/or contributing to the congregation does not make individuals members of, or donors to, UUSC.

My congregation has an active social justice committee. Why do I need to support UUSC?
UUSC believes in acting locally and supporting globally. UUSC can increase the power of UU social justice by allowing all congregations and individuals to join together as one voice for human rights. UUSC is not a replacement for local social action but a powerful extension of it.

Contact us about membership in UUSC
To learn more about membership in UUSC, call us 617-868-6600 (option 1) or send an e-mail to info @ uusc.org.

Member Testimonials

“It is hard to find ways to make a real difference. UUSC does. It digs, gets messy, and supports fighters for justice and builders of stronger communities. I am thrilled to support UUSC.” – Mike Shonsey, UUSC Member

“We were looking for a way to reach beyond our incredibly fortunate local community and the UUSC provides a way to do that with con dence. Their focus on the most marginalized, normally the women and children, by working with local partners in a sustainable and lasting way makes sense.” – Glen and Pam Frederick

“We are so happy to support UUSC because of its effectiveness in bringing hope for a better life to marginalized people all over the world. UUSC and its partners on the ground help give people a voice and a means to address deep systemic issues.” – Jim and Linda Bodycomb