UUSC Calls Biden’s Asylum Ban a Stunning Betrayal of U.S. Commitments

Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

Empowering Voices: Ethical Storytelling and Community Engagement

Shaping the narrative on immigration through ethical storytelling and collective community engagement.
A group of congregation members welcoming asylum-seekers

Harnessing the Power of Ethical Storytelling: CAPAS is committed to changing the narrative around asylum-seekers, focusing on stories of strength, resilience, and shared humanity. We actively encourage ethical storytelling through interactive workshops and learning resources. Explore our CAPAS Ethical Story Workshop and discover how we can transform the narrative landscape together.

This week we are hosting a Creative Approaches to Storytelling webinar on August 17th at 7pm EDT. We will learn from expert human rights storytellers about their creative approaches to sharing experiences with dignity and respect. Visit uusc.org/creativestories to register for webinar.

Engaging in Continuous Learning and Sharing: Our impact doesn’t stop at direct support; it’s also about creating a space for dialogue and learning. Reflect on our recent blog about Ethical Storytelling Workshop where participants from around the nation engaged in critical discussions, resource sharing, and learned about anti-oppressive language and themes. Join us in fostering a more inclusive and respectful storytelling environment.

Attend Collaborative Storytelling Office Hours: This immersive peer-review storytelling workshop is a valuable opportunity to gain feedback on stories that advocate for immigrants. Bring a draft of your story about your migration justice work (this can be any length). Together, we will share, critique, and learn from each other’s stories to create narratives that focus on strength, solidarity, and shared humanity. We are keeping the space limited to provide a high level of feedback and interaction. If interested in future office hours, please email Deanna Johnson, Impact Storyteller at UUSC, djohnson@uusc.org.