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Live & Learn

Live & Learn Kiribati is a part of Live & Learn International, which is a dynamic learning network of locally registered organizations operating in 11 countries across the Pacific, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean.

During their nearly 20 years of work in the Pacific, Live & Learn has established trusted relationships with communities, governments at all levels, United Nations agencies, non-government organizations and inter-governmental organizations to improve community benefits in water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihoods, health, education, disaster risk reduction, and empowerment of women.

UUSC and Live & Learn Kiribati are working in partnership to assess, build, organize, and advocate for a human rights-based approach to addressing climate-forced displacement in Kiribati.

“UUSC’s funding is the first funding outside of Australia that we’ve received and with this little funding, we were able to complete lots of community adaptation activities that really touched the hearts of people.” – Live & Learn Kiribati

With UUSC’s support, Live and Learn Kiribati has completed a workshop on human rights approaches for addressing climate forced displacement, engaging 62 participants, including 30 community facilitators and 32 youth facilitators. Participants were provided a training handbook to help them organize their own communities. To make the trainings more relevant to local communities and the issues they face, and in alignment with the government of Kiribati’s advocacy on remaining in place, Live & Learn Kiribati coupled the training with community outreach activities on adaptation measures such as waste management, mangrove planting, water, and health practices. Training participant Beia Maribo shared this feedback on the workshop:

“… what I really like about this project is that they came to live and work with us for 4 days. … We’ve learnt to drink water which we have never done before, to eat a lot of vegetables and to exercise. Those that could not walk in the community started to walk again after drinking a lot of water. There were 3 of participants who couldn’t lift their arms but were able to after having the massage and backbone adjustment. So this project is not just raising awareness but was able to touch the peoples’ hearts and I would sincerely like to thank Live and Learn and UUSC for this project. Apart from that, this project gave us the opportunity to see how important planting is, not just planting for our food but also planting in order to avoid coastal erosion in places that have been affected by erosion.”

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