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Marsh Zhinok

A Ukrainian organization devoted to supporting the needs of women and girls.
Marsh Zhinok 

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine

Marsh Zhinok is a feminist initiative that unites activists, representatives of public organizations, and women volunteers to support Ukrainian women and draw attention to the challenges faced by women in Ukraine. Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Marsh Zhinok started a humanitarian hub to help women who found themselves in crisis situations due to the war. 

With a particular focus on women with children, women with disabilities, elderly women, and other women who are most vulnerable during the war, Marsh Zhinok provides shelter, medicines, food for children, supplies for transportation, psychological support, and legal aid. 

UUSC’s funding will specifically build up the staff’s capacity to support volunteers involved in humanitarian work like psychotherapists, consultants, and social workers in different regions of Ukraine. 

Image Credit: Marsh Zhinok