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Mudita provides life-sustaining care and social support to people with disabilities in Poland.
Mudita 32

LOCATION: Kraków, Poland

Founded in 2019, Mudita works with people with disabilities (PWDs), the chronically ill, and their families or caregivers in Poland to provide support in daily administrative, logistical, livelihood, and legal challenges. PWDs in Poland lack sufficient financial benefits and social services in addition to frequently facing stigmatization and isolation. After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Mudita expanded the scope of its work to provide support to PWDs and their families fleeing the war in Ukraine, including a bilingual helpline; assistance in securing wheelchair accessible housing; and help in finding therapeutic centers, medical specialists, rehabilitation, and psychological care.

Reception points in Warsaw and Kraków are intended primarily for people who have just arrived in Poland from Ukraine and need a temporary shelter tailored to their specific needs, and then help with finding a permanent place of residence. Mudita also offers support groups for family members of people with disabilities. 

Mudita’s work is critical for a population that is often ignored and dismissed in the Polish healthcare and social systems and their programs help this population integrate into local communities. 

Image Credit: Mudita