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Pacific Island Climate Action Network

Ensuring that Pacific island nations are included and reflected in climate justice discussions around loss and damage.
A group of climate activists forming a chain through linking arms

LOCATION: Suva, Fjii

The Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN) will work closely with its members, national nodes, and partners to escalate and elevate the issue of loss and damage. Their activities include putting pressure on parties of the United Nations Framework on the Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC), so that loss and damage discussions are not devoid of people’s lives and realities. The network will leverage its moral voice and influence traditional and non-traditional regional and global partners, to strengthen and elevate policy demands on loss and damage, and the network will support the work of the PICAN Loss and Damage Working Group, ensuring that policy demands are being harvested from grassroots, frontline climate-affected communities, through participatory and inclusive processes.

PICAN’s specific project objectives are to: 

  • Provide a platform for dialogue, knowledge, information, and experience sharing on policy, advocacy, and practice in the context of climate justice relating to loss and damage;
  • Identify priorities that will create a strong foundation for partnerships with key stakeholders, development partners, government, and civil society organizations to escalate and elevate loss and damage policy demands; and
  • Strengthen and support the meaningful engagement of PICAN members in the region on climate policy, specifically on loss and damage. 

Image Credit: PICAN