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Shan State Refugee Committee 

Providing direct support to refugees living on the Thai-Burma border.
Shan State Refugee Committee 

LOCATION: Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Shan State Refugee Committee (SSRC) is a community-based organization. It was formed by five internally displaced person (IDP) camps, one refugee camp, one refugee/migrant camp, and several Shan civil society organizations. Since its founding in 2017, SSRC has been the main food aid provider to over 11,000 people at the Shan State-Thai border. Their goal is to connect the ongoing struggle with the junta to humanitarian support. 

The military coup in Burma has disrupted many established community networks. The fact that so many people have to be mobile in order to find food and shelter makes organizing toward a democratic Burma increasingly challenging. By providing basic needs and skill-building opportunities for IDP camp leadership, SSRC hopes to strengthen the networks within Shan State. The funding SSRC has received will enable it to continue meeting the food and shelter needs of IDPs. It will also serve to enhance the emergency response capacity for IDP camp leaders. 

UUSC is proud to partner with SSRC to provide essential goods and services to those suffering at the hands of the military junta in Burma.

Image credit: Shan State Refugee Committee