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Stop Deportations to Haiti

The U.S. is forcibly removing people to a country in crisis. This must end today.

Haitian society is in turmoil, and U.S. policy is sending people straight to the thick of the danger. 

Despite a raging humanitarian crisis in Haiti—sparked by organized crime and the proliferation of U.S.-made guns—the U.S. government is cruelly deporting people to the country, where they may face death or forced recruitment at the hands of gangs. 

In mid-April, the Biden administration resumed deportation flights to Haiti, sending 74 people on a plane to a regional Haitian airport. The flight included a man who had lived in the United States for decades and is the father of a U.S. citizen child. 

Clearly, these deportations separate families and expose innocent people to danger. U.S. policy must not send people to peril when Haiti is experiencing a country-wide catastrophe. 

Help us call on the Biden administration to end the deportations today. The President should halt all deportation flights and grant protected status to ensure no Haitian nationals are removed to a country in turmoil. 

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