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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Join UUSC on Medium!

January 21, 2016

You may already be obsessed with Medium (I know I am). You may have never heard of it. Either way, we want you to check out UUSC on Medium and join us there for some compelling conversations!

What is Medium?

In their words: “a community of millions of thinkers and doers offering their best ideas and moving conversation forward on the biggest issues and interests of the day.” It’s basically a beautifully simple publishing platform that really effectively facilitates interaction and dialogue.

Why do we love it?

  • Engagement: you can follow, highlight, comment, and share in a more dynamic way than most websites, and it really helps build connections and conversation.
  • Design: it’s clean, simple, striking, beautiful, and super mobile-friendly (their app is great).
  • That awesome “time to read” function: at the top of each article, there’s a small note that indicates how long it will take to read.
  • Great writing: Medium is wonderful at highlighting well-told stories.

What is UUSC doing on Medium?

We’re publishing reports, like No Safe Haven Here, in a way that’s a little more exciting and easy to read than a boring PDF. And we’re reading, too (we’re particularly interested in The Development Set, Medium’s new publication focused on global health and social impact). So join us over there — follow us, follow our publications, and start reading!

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