Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

Salote Soqo

Director of Advocacy, Global Displacement

Salote Soqo is an indigenous Fijian from the provinces of Cakaudrove and Lau and a settler immigrant on the unceded territory of the Wampanoag Nation.

As Director of Advocacy, Global Displacement, Salote leads and guides UUSC’s interconnected strategies for our global advocacy work, including supporting our partner-centered advocacy campaigns designed to advance UUSC’s human rights objectives in the areas of climate justice, displacement, and migration.

Before transitioning to this role, Salote led UUSC’s climate justice and crisis response grantmaking and advocacy work to advance the protection of the rights of frontline communities experiencing the risks of climate-forced displacement and exploring the intersectionalities between UUSC’s core human rights areas.

Salote joined UUSC in 2017 and comes with 16 years of experience in environmental management, grassroots organizing, policy and legislative advocacy and coalition building. Salote describes herself as a passionate human rights activist, a devoted mother and wife and an indigenous steward of Mother Earth.

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