UUSC Responds to Gun Violence at Rally and the Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump

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May 4, 2018

Honduras TPS Cancellation Endangers Thousands of U.S. Residents

The Trump administration announced plans today to terminate TPS for Honduras, exposing nearly 86,000 U.S. residents to possible deportation from a country that has been their home for almost two decades. Read More →

Uncertainty in Honduras

The crisis triggered by the recent elections continues, and the circumstances surrounding this situation highlight the United States’ responsibility to take action. Read More →

May 3, 2018

UUSC Heads to the Capitol to Support Central American Immigrants

The Trump administration’s policies leave Central Americans at risk of human rights abuses in their own countries, and when they arrive at the U.S. border in search of safety and security. UUSC and a group of our members recently went to the U.S. Capitol to meet with Members of Congress to pressure them to reject these efforts. Read More →

April 26, 2018

Nepal TPS Cancellation Underlines Need for Congressional Action

The Department of Homeland Security moved today to cancel Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nepal, exposing nearly 9,000 Nepali residents of the United States to possible deportation. Read More →