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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Tools to Support Asylum-Seeker Accompaniment and Solidarity


Ep. 1 Navigating Asylum: An In-Depth Look

  • Heather Vickery, UUSC Coordinator for Congregational Activism, pulls back the curtain on what asylum-seekers frequently endure at the U.S. southern border. Discover the harrowing conditions, challenges of detention, and the desperate need for legal representation.

Ep. 2 The Power of Justice-Centered Community Work

  • Join the Reverends Laura Randall and Deanna Vandiver as they delve into the transformative nature of justice-centered community work. Understand how collective well-being is cultivated through united efforts.

Ep. 3 Joining CAPAS: The Journey of Solidarity

  • Learn the ins and outs of CAPAS with Jessica Sapalio, our UUSC CAPAS Coordinator. From initial discernment to actively welcoming an asylum-seeker, discover how you and your community can make a tangible difference.

Ep. 4 From Honduras and Nigeria: Stories of Asylum (Live Sep. 26th)

  • Hear firsthand from Romel (Honduras) and Chris (Nigeria) about their unique journeys as asylum-seekers. From the challenges of leaving home to the joys of building new relationships, understand the profound impact of community and solidarity.


Community Accompaniment Program With Asylum-Seekers (Oct 2023)

On October 12th, 2023 CAPAS hosted an insightful webinar diving into asylum-seekers’ experiences and the supportive communities that support them. We shared details and testimonials on how you and your community can get involved in providing solidarity to asylum-seeking individuals and families.

Creative Approaches to Storytelling (Aug 2023)

Join UUSC in a transformative discussion with experts Kathleen Kollman Birch, Alex Kimball Williams, and Sophie Sandberg, as they unveil groundbreaking storytelling techniques that champion human rights and dignity. Dive deep into projects like ‘Neighbors, Not Strangers,’ ‘Bad Alaskan,’ and ‘Catcalls of NYC,’ all echoing the power of narrative in social justice.

Ethical Interpretation Training (July 2023)

This training presents the key elements of ethical interpretation and provides practical suggestions on how to effectively serve in the role of volunteer interpreter, helping interpreters ensure they are communicating both the meaning and emotion intended by the people they are interpreting for. The video addresses cultural bias and common challenges that interpreters face.

Supporting Asylum Seekers as a Congregation (UUA General Assembly, June 2023)

This training shares how congregations and community groups can offer solidarity and support to asylum-seekers through UUSC’s Community Accompaniment Program With Asylum-Seekers (CAPAS). Learn about challenges facing asylum seekers, details of the CAPAS program, and the value of engaging in this justice work.

CAPAS Ethical Storytelling Workshop (June 2023)

Congregations and community groups can make a difference in how asylum-seekers are perceived. Watch this interactive workshop video on ethical storytelling! Learn how to avoid exploitative narratives and describe your work in ways that uplift their voices. Click here to learn more about our Ethical Storytelling workshop series.


  • Delving into the intricate world of global migration, this piece illuminates the differences between asylum-seekers and refugees, and the myriad reasons prompting their journeys. Behind every statistic lies a tale of resilience and hope. Dive deeper to understand, empathize, and discover how you can make a tangible difference in this global narrative.
  • On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we reflect on a dark chapter in history, urging everyone to remember that seeking refuge from persecution is a fundamental human right. As we bear witness to current U.S. immigration policies, it’s crucial to recognize the violations against asylum-seekers and the grave consequences they face.

Making Room at the Inn (Dec 20, 2022)

  • Amid the festive season, this CAPAS blog draws parallels between the Christmas narrative and the hopes of today’s asylum-seekers. Embracing universal values of hope and acceptance, CAPAS calls for solidarity and a welcoming world for all.
  • Unitarian Universalism’s 8 Principles challenge us to create a just and compassionate world. The Community Accompaniment Program With Asylum-Seekers embodies these principles by supporting asylum-seekers, offering them essentials like housing and legal representation.
  • Journeying from Honduras, Roberto faced unimaginable challenges, from witnessing the murder of his boyfriend to navigating the complexities of the U.S. asylum system. Yet, with the unwavering support of the Boise UU Fellowship and CAPAS, Roberto’s story transformed from one of despair to celebration.
  • With a foundation in Unitarian Universalist values, the CAPAS program has successfully connected 28 asylum-seekers with faith groups, fostering a deeper understanding of the nation’s immigration challenges. By participating, congregations not only offer a lifeline to those in dire need but also challenge and transform their own perspectives on the injustices faced by migrants.
  • CAPAS is at the forefront of supporting immigrant families, tirelessly working to reunite those separated at the border and advocating for the rights of asylum-seekers from various regions. From partnering with Al Otro Lado to bring families back together, to aiding Afghan families in resettlement and supporting Haitian asylum-seekers, CAPAS’ mission is to ensure the right to migrate is upheld.