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Chiricli is a first-of-its-kind organization devoted to supporting Roma women.

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine

Chiricli is a Roma women’s fund and the first organization in Ukraine to focus on Roma women. Since 2004, its work has included training Roma leaders and helping civil society organizations dedicated to Roma-related issues develop programs on health, pre-school education, and human rights. It has also helped organize conferences, educational workshops, trainings, and press conferences to raise Roma issues on the national and regional level and change the situation of Roma communities for the better. Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Chiricli has been focused on emergency aid provision, advocacy for Roma women, and responding to war-specific challenges of the Roma community. For example, Chiricli prepared a guide in five languages to help social workers in Europe understand the culture, customs, and values of Roma communities in Ukraine in order to better support and communicate with Roma refugees fleeing the war.

UUSC’s partnership with Chiricli helps promote and preserve Roma culture in Ukraine and help Roma refugees in need of emergency resources.

Image Credit: Chiricli