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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Ecological Solutions

Ecological Solutions addresses ecological problems in the Solomon Islands through approaches that best maintain and sustain ecosystems.

In the case of already degraded landscapes, Ecological Solutions works to assist natural mechanisms or rehabilitation that ensures ecosystem functions have the opportunity to recover and flourish. Ecological Solutions also conducts social and scientific studies of climate change, including how it affects people’s well-being and livelihoods. The organization supports communities in advocating on their behalf through media, campaigns and lobbying for policies that safeguard their interests and culture.

Ecological Solutions staff members meet with villagers of Kanata and Nuatabu Villages, in Choiseul Province.

UUSC is partnering with Ecological Solutions to assist communities in remote coastal areas of the Solomon Islands to build protections in place, rebuild homes and advocate for resources that will support at-risk communities in their relocation efforts.

With UUSC’s support, Ecological Solutions was able to purchase four water tanks for the village of Wagina, providing reliable and clean alternative water supplies for basic consumption and sanitation. Ecological Solutions also has been able to provide building materials to assist Nuatabu Village communities who were forcibly displaced by a tidal wave to rebuild their homes, while also advocating for resources and technical assistance from local government agencies.

“With UUSC’s support, we will be able to leverage more resources from the government. We will show them that with these small funds, we are able to rebuild people’s homes and livelihoods” – David Boseto, Ecological Solutions

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