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Loss and Damage Collaboration (LDC)

A group of concerned stakeholders working together to ensure that developing countries, and the people and communities within them, have the support they need to address climate change-related loss and damage.
Loss and Damage Collaboration

LOCATION: London, England

The Loss and Damage Collaboration (LDC) is a group of practitioners, researchers, activists, and decision makers from both the Global North and South working together to ensure that communities in developing nations have access to resources to mitigate the impacts of climate-related loss and damage. The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC) came together in the summer of 2020 when young climate activists from around the world felt there was a need to ramp up action on climate-induced loss and damage and provide space for youth actions, engagement, and climate leadership. Their goal is to build a global youth partnership to drive action on addressing loss and damage due to climate change.

As defined by the Institute for International Environment and Development, “Loss refers to things that are lost forever and cannot be brought back, such as human lives or species loss, while damages refers to things that are damaged, but can be repaired or restored, such as roads or embankments.” 

UUSC’s partnership with LDC and LDYC supports coordination and communications costs for their work on loss and damage advocacy, training, and storytelling. The LDC plans to work with wealthy country governments, run trainings for youth around the world, and create digital storytelling outputs highlighting how young people are impacted by climate change.

LDYC hopes to raise awareness and drive action on addressing loss and damage on a global scale. In the long-term, they hope their work will help create a world in which the people and communities most impacted by climate change are able to live with dignity and resilience to climate impacts. They hope to influence developed nations to channel substantial resources to climate-impacted developing countries and communities so they can address loss and damage. This finance, coupled with a deepened awareness of and focus on addressing loss and damage, will affect the material circumstances of millions of people living in poverty. 

Image Credit: Loss and Damage Collaboration / David Andrako for Global Citizen