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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Rural Community Workers Alliance

Rural Community Workers Alliance is led by and plays a key role in organizing rural Missouri workers, many of whom are Latinx and refugees.

Rural Community Workers Alliance (RCWA) focuses on providing worker and immigration rights trainings and is a critical part of building a welcoming community for Latinx and refugee workers, and all neighbors in rural Missouri.

With UUSC’s support, RCWA was able to provide trainings on immigration and worker rights to more than 1,000 immigrant and refugee workers in rural Missouri in 2017. UUSC also has supported RCWA’s work organizing their community to push back against racism and xenophobia, and helping the immigrant community in rural Missouri overcome their fear of immigration enforcement actions.

RCWA during a community meeting during a UUSC site visit.

“We at RCWA are very grateful for having the support of UUSC…. We really appreciate that UUSC [is] willing to listen from first hand and on the ground to those who are victims of injustice and inequality in this nation.”

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