Welcome to Guest at Your Table! We are thrilled that you are considering participating in this program. Thank you for your commitment to human rights! 

Below you’ll find more information and ideas for how you can strengthen human rights by participating in Guest at Your Table with your friends, family, community, or congregation.

What is Guest at Your Table?

Guest at Your Table is an annual fundraising and education program that supports UUSC’s human rights work. We invite everyone to take part: individuals, families, small groups, congregations, and community organizations.

Over the decades, Guest at Your Table has raised millions of dollars for human rights projects that have made a real difference in people’s lives.

What is this year’s Guest at Your Table theme?

This year Guest at Your Table highlights the empowerment of refugees and displaced people. One of UUSC’s major focuses is serving the people who are most overlooked or discriminated against in the midst of humanitarian crises such as forced migration, large-scale conflicts, genocide, and natural disasters. As UUSC celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, we’ll look back to our origin: Martha and Rev. Waitstill Sharp helping European refugees escape persecution during World War II. We are excited to share several inspiring stories this year!

How can I be part of UUSC’s history?

In recognition of our 75th anniversary, the top 75 congregations (either with top fundraising totals or having more than 75% member participation) will be included in our 75th anniversary time capsule. The capsule will be marked for opening in 2040 for our 100th anniversary.

What does it mean to participate in Guest at Your Table?

Guest at Your Table is designed to help participants learn about human rights issues and UUSC’s unique approach to solving them. UUSC provides information and materials to help individuals, families, small groups, and congregations guide their own discussion and engagement with the innovative practices that protect and empower the most vulnerable populations in the world.

Guest at Your Table also has a fundraising and movement-building component: once you’ve held a worship service, class, or discussion about this year’s most pressing human rights issues and solutions, you are encouraged to make a gift to UUSC in order to uphold human rights values and our ability to continue this vital work. All Guest at Your Table gifts earn UUSC membership, so you’ll continue to be part of our shared vision of a world free from oppression and injustice.

Who can participate in Guest at Your Table? 

Anyone! Individuals, families, small groups (such as book groups, knitting circles, soccer teams, collective houses, cohousing groups, retirement homes, etc.), congregations (of any faith tradition), and community organizations are all welcome.

How can you participate in Guest at Your Table? 

We welcome your contribution to advancing human rights! Make a direct donation to Guest at Your Table now or donate to the fundraising efforts of an individual, family, small group, or congregation.

If you are a member of a congregation, you may want to organize a worship service, religious education class, or other activity to raise awareness of UUSC’s human rights work. To get started as a Guest at Your Table organizer, contact development @ uusc.org and visit our resources for organizers.

How do contributions to Guest at Your Table make a difference? 

The contributions collected through Guest at Your Table are directed to UUSC to support human rights work around the world.

Check out the following to learn more about how your donations make an impact:

UUSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Mass., that advances human rights in more than a dozen countries around the world through grassroots collaboration. While grounded in Unitarian Universalist values, UUSC is nonsectarian and open to all. If you would like to receive regular updates from UUSC, please sign up for our e-mail list, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter.

Why is it called Guest at Your Table? 

Our program introduces you to grassroots leaders around the world who are advancing human rights. As you gather together with your family and friends to take part in Guest at Your Table, we ask you to figuratively invite those leaders into your community — to your table — through sharing their stories. We think of these leaders as our “guests.” We look forward to introducing them to you!