Disputed election results in Honduras have triggered a human rights crisis that has lasted several months. Honduran security forces, many of which receive U.S. aid, are directly implicated in recent human rights violations. Tell your Members of Congress to withhold funding to Honduran security forces until the Honduran government upholds protections for its people.

Every day the Trump administration is working to harm immigrant families: ripping toddlers from their parents’ arms at the border, Dreamers remain in limbo, and families, once protected from removal, now have to decide whether they will leave their U.S.-born members behind or take them to countries still recovering from disaster. This shouldn’t be our nation’s story or legacy. Tell the President and Secretary Nielsen that we demand better.

The United States has legal and moral obligations to provide safe haven to those fleeing persecution, violence, and war. The Trump administration’s immigration policies are an affront to basic humanitarian principles. Congress has a crucial role to play in ensuring the integrity of our immigration system. Urge them to support legislation that provides a pathway to permanent resident status for long-term TPS and DED holders before more people and families are left vulnerable.

Ethnic cleansing in Burma must end. Legislation in Congress aims to resolve this crisis and allow the Rohingya to return home. Please sign and send a letter to your Members of Congress asking them to cosponsor these critical bills.

Dreamers cannot be used as bargaining chips. Sign and send a letter showing your support for a clean Dream Act to your Members of Congress today.

The Honduras presidential election last November has widely been condemned as fraudulent. Since then, people throughout the country have poured into the streets in peaceful protests that the state has often responded to with lethal violence. U.S. aid supports these abuses. Learn how to act now.