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AAPI History Month: Celebrating Resilience Through Partnership

By Alejandro Guerrero Vargas on May 13, 2024

As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) History Month, it’s crucial to recognize the grassroots organizations that are not just surviving but thriving in their advocacy and protective efforts across the Pacific. These partners, with their deep commitment to environmental justice and cultural preservation, are making history today. We also reflect on the interconnectedness of our struggles and victories, highlighting the resilience and unity of AAPI communities across the Pacific.

Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network (Fiji)
The Banaban Human Rights Defenders Network is instrumental in advocating for the Banaban people’s dignity and cultural heritage. A recent conference supported by UUSC in April has been pivotal for their continued efforts in cultural preservation. Learn more about their initiatives.

Ecological Solutions Foundation Trust Board (Solomon Islands)
Positioned in the heart of the South Pacific, the Ecological Solutions Foundation Trust Board is dedicated to protecting Solomon Islands’ communities from the devastating impacts of climate change. Read about their impactful work.

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (Fiji)
The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is a key player in addressing climate displacement. They are preserving Fijian culture through the recording of Indigenous knowledge and the safeguarding of heritage sites. Explore their efforts.

Jo-Jikum (Marshall Islands)
Jo-Jikum is addressing the long-lasting impacts of nuclear testing on the Marshallese people, advocating for recognition and remediation decades after nuclear devastation. Read more about their critical work.

Kioa Island Community Organization (Fiji)
The Kioa Island Community Organization empowers their community with the skills necessary for climate resilience and economic growth, ensuring the preservation of their heritage for generations to come. Learn about their projects.

Live & Learn (Kiribati)
In collaboration with grassroots movements, Live & Learn is significantly impacting Kiribati by improving water and sanitation facilities and empowering women. Discover their transformative work.

Pacific Climate Warriors (Pacific Islands)
The Pacific Climate Warriors are at the forefront of climate action, using the power of storytelling to champion the future of their islands and make their voices heard above the rising seas. Read about their advocacy.

Pacific Island Climate Action Network (Fiji)
The Pacific Island Climate Action Network shapes policies directly from grassroots voices, demonstrating the power of community in effecting significant policy changes concerning loss and damage. Explore their impactful strategies.

Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change (Solomon Islands)
Demanding global action at the International Court of Justice, the Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change are voicing the urgent need for climate justice worldwide. Learn about their actions.

Te Toa Matoa (Kiribati)
Te Toa Matoa is transforming how people with disabilities are included in every conversation in Kiribati, advocating for their rights and inclusion in all aspects of soceity. Read more about their advocacy.

Tulele Peisa Inc. (Papua New Guinea)
Facing significant climate challenges, Tulele Peisa is uniting to safeguard Bougainville’s heritage by advocating for resilient policies and relocating Carteret Islanders. Discover how they champion collective resilience.

Tuvalu Climate Action Network (Tuvalu)
TuCAN is turning the tide on climate action in Tuvalu, championing clean energy and sustainable solutions that inspire a global movement for a better tomorrow. Join their movement.

Image credit: UUSC

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