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Responsive Resources: Climate Disasters Happening in Morocco and Libya and How You Can Help


September 22, 2023

On September 8, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the nation of Morocco with the death toll exceeding 3,000 people and injuries greater than 5,600.

Scientists are reporting that the climate-induced Storm Daniel—which was 50 percent more intense than previous storms hitting the area—has started catastrophic flooding in eastern Libya that will inevitably lead to water contamination, in addition to the deaths of thousands whose lives were already taken by the storm. 

Local communities on the ground are organizing and providing mutual aid. UUSC’s climate and disaster justice work focuses on advancing and protecting the rights of populations at risk of climate-forced displacement caused by slow-onset climate impacts. We believe in disaster justice and in supporting the responsive organizations that are best positioned to help during those crises when we cannot facilitate the provision of resources.

Below are a few trusted resources we’d recommend if you feel led to support the crisis response work in Morocco and Libya. 



If you’d like to donate to the UUSC Emergency Response Fund, please visit this page to learn more about our emergency response work. 

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