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Advocate For Migrant Justice

There are a variety of ways you can help those fleeing their home countries and seeking asylum in the United States. Read our suggestions to get involved.

Provide protection locally

  • Accompaniment: Accompaniment helps stop deportations, reduce bond fees, and keep families together. By centering people’s dignity and choices in a system that takes away dignity and choices, we care for those who are criminalized for their being. Learn more at Love Resists.
  • Learn more about the anti-racist practice for expanded sanctuary, accompaniment, and resistance through the online course, Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves
  • Offer physical or expanded sanctuary: More information can be found at Love Resists and in the Sanctuary Toolkit.

Take action directly

Contact your elected officials directly about the situation happening at the border:

You can also support this call by responding to news articles and op-eds with a letter to the editor (LTE). Learn about how to submit an LTE and get sample content here.