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Human Rights Experts Available for Interview

Read more about UUSC's human rights experts and request an interview.

Rachel Gore Freed
Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Rachel is a human rights lawyer, community organizer, and social justice educator with a wealth of domestic and international experience. She leads UUSC’s human rights defense strategies. Rachel’s bio & contact information>>

Hannah Hafter
Senior Grassroots Organizer

Hannah recruits and supports individuals to engage ins social change by growing and sustaining large, committed, and effective activist and volunteer networks. Hannah’s bio & contact information>>

Josh Leach
Public Policy and Communications Strategist

Josh supports UUSC’s programs and campaign work through strategic research, analysis, writing, and organizing, working in close collaboration with our partners,  and with a particular focus on the human rights of refugees and migrants. Josh’s bio & contact information>>

Amber Moulton
Associate Director for Research

Amber applies her considerable experience in legal and academic research, teaching, and writing to lead UUSC’s research program. Our research provides validated, expert insight into critical human rights issues to raise awareness and spur action around some of today’s most pressing humanitarian crises. Amber’s bio & contact information>>

Salote Soqo
Senior Partnership Officer for Climate Justice & Crisis Response 

Salote oversees UUSC’s strategies to support rights at risk due to environmental issues affecting vulnerable communities, with special emphasis on resource rights such as the right to water, food sovereignty, and self-determination. Salote’s bio & contact information>>